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Re: Orinoco Dirver with monitor support

Rainer Gutkas wrote:
> Thanks for your fast reply, I tried it, but it actually doesn't solve the 
> problem. Afterwards I tried to compile the kernel with:
> make oldconfig
> make
> ...
> I didn't wan't to install the new compiled kernel with make install...Never 
> change a running system.
> But it didn't help ether. I just can't compile the new drivers to afterwards 
> copy them to apropriate directory.
> So my request again if anybody got Orinoco standalone monitoring wireless 
> drivers compiled for PPC and Kernel 2.6.8 could you please email them to me?
I used the kernel-patch from www.kismetwireless.net and compiled the
kernel via make-kpkg. i have to admit that this worked on a x86-system,
but it should work on a ppc, too.

make-kpkg is in the package kernel-package and works like a charm.
Search for 'compile kernel debian make-kpkg' and you will find some
useful help with this command.

Kind regards,


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