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Orinoco Dirver with monitor support

Hi everybody!

I used the whole day today in getting orinocco drivers to work with monitoring 
mode support. After hours of reading and looking in the web for howto's I 
ended up to try to compile orinoco 0.13 standalone drivers.
The installation manual said to get the kernel source (which I did), also got 
the headers and tried to compiled the drivers.

The howto said its pretty easy: > make
         > make install

But the make exited with the message :

Make:35: **** The kernel source is not configured. Schluss. 

As if I would know how to configure a kernel source? I guess it's some kind of 
enviroment variable. But I actually don't know and haven't had much succsess 
on the web.
By the way I'm using Kernel 2.6.8 (precompiled which sarge installed).
I also tried to uncompress the sources, but that didn't help.

Anybody got a hint for me that could help me?

Thanks in forth,

Rainer Gutkas Bakk. Techn. (Bsc)
Kleiststraße  36
A - 3100 St. Pölten
email: rainer.gutkas@kstp.at
tel  : +43-(0)699 - 13268369

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