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Re: debian ppc64

On 04-Dec-08 10:23, Rafael Esp?ndola wrote:
> I was using gcc-3.4 and a much smaller (attached) patch was enough to
> build it. I agree that it is better to upgrade llibc but a simple
> patch can be merged first.
> Is there some big problem the in current debian glibc that I haven't hit?

I also used gcc-3.4 to compile glibc with the cvs-patch. I came across 
a few issues with the current Debian glibc on ppc64, notably some 
problems with 'nptl' and with the gcc 'unit-at-a-time' feature. 

In the end I gave up to find a number of smaller patches for the 
issues and decided to directly upgrade to the cvs version. This is 
certainly not the only possible way, but at the moment it seemed to be 
the easiest way for me. Of course I agree that if there is a smaller 
patch which works, we should try to merge that one first.

Andreas Jochens

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