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Re: Someone already tested the new Apple Bluetooth upgrade?


> Considering the problems the last update seems to have made on Linux:
> <http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/04/thrd2.html#00523> 
> Has someone already installed the latest one without stopping
> bluetooth capabilities on Linux :) ... ?

I installed it via the Software Update tool in OSX, updated the firmware and 
bluetooth still works under linux, without any problems (or at least I did 
not notice any so far).

> And where does it work, or not work: On the D-Link dongle, or some
> other Blutooth device?

I do not have a d-link dongle, however, I use the builtin bluetooth adapter in 
my powerbook 12", using pan and dun under linux: both work fine after the 

Georg Kaindl

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