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Re: debian ppc64

> With pure64 gentoo and experimental debian chroots I think that it is
> now possible to run some benchmarks (suggestions?).
> I agree that it is very important to be able to run 32 binaries, but a
> pure64 port is simpler and can be a good starting point for a
> multiarch if 64bits is the default or at least a good way to hunt bugs
> if 32bits becomes the default.

Plus the fact that some binary stuff exist only for 32 bits (like the
VPN stuff I need to connect to work :)

I'm pretty confident that the benchmarks will show a significant benefit
in having userland mostly 32 bits tho.

Anyway, first thing first is to get some relatively up to date glibc in
debian, without that, it's all useless. glibc had things like TLS/NPTL
support for ppc32 for ages for example, but debian doesn't have it.


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