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Re: debian ppc64

On 04-Dec-08 10:56, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> I'm pretty confident that the benchmarks will show a significant benefit
> in having userland mostly 32 bits tho.

I made some tests and compared a 32 bit powerpc 
chroot environment with a 64 bit ppc64 chroot environment on a
PowerMac G5 running a 64 bit kernel. I could not find any significant
differences so far. Within a few percent, the standard utilities appear 
to work at the same speed. Sometimes the 64 bit environment seems to 
be slightly faster. Of course those first results are not conclusive.
I did not have time to make any rigourous benchmarks yet.

> Anyway, first thing first is to get some relatively up to date glibc in
> debian, without that, it's all useless. glibc had things like TLS/NPTL
> support for ppc32 for ages for example, but debian doesn't have it.

For my ppc64 porting efforts, I have patched Debian glibc up to current 
CVS. I had to sort out which of the 120 Debian patches still apply 
and found that about 90 of them are already in CVS or not needed anymore.

Andreas Jochens

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