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Re: woody to sarge - where is the new kernel?

On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 19:11:00 +0200, Mario Frasca wrote:

> Sebastian Tennant wrote:
>>>my system does not boot any more from hd.  I have to use cd1 from the
>>>woody distribution and then tell the booter to load 'hd:4'. [...]
>>>ofpath: WARNING: Your kernel is too old for proper support, device may
>>>be innaccurate.
>> 1. Downgrade to the 'proposed-updates' version of the yaboot package:
>>       apt-get --purge remove yaboot
>>       apt-get install -t proposed-updates yaboot
>>     You may need to add proposed-updates to your sources.list

> yes, I had to add a line about it.  I just took this one (deb
> http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian sarge main) and replaced the
> distribution name with 'proposed-updates'.  then I ran apt-get update
> and the rest went smooth as silk.

That will work but it's best to have 'sarge' (i.e., 'testing') _and_
'proposed-updates' in there. I have a line for every distribution
('stable', 'proposed-updates', 'testing', 'unstable').  'proposed-updates'
probably doesn't have much in it, but I might be wrong.

>>      apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot
> this did not work on my system.
>    # apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot
>    apt-show-versions: command not found

$ apt-get install apt-show-versions

> but the other suggestion was fine, thanks!
> just to complete the solution: I added this line to the /etc/apt.conf
> APT::Hold "yaboot";

That's fine.

> I'm now still wondering how to boot 2.6.x since I don't own a cd-writer.

I think the old yaboot will boot a 2.6 kernel though I may be
wrong.  I can't remember if I tried this.  I've now got a 2.6 kernel
working with the newer yaboot.

> I want to compile my own kernel, but have some difficulties in
> understanding the questions about the hardware I have.  as I wrote, I am
> used to PC's and only lately acquired this beautiful iMac.  at the
> beginning I had no idea whatsoever of what it contains.  now the picture
> is a bit better, but not enough to answer to some of the kernel
> configuration questions.

I have to say that Linux PowerPC hardware detection is quite a long way
behind Intel x86.  I use an Intel box nearly all the time now because
there's a much greater chance of Linux working 'out-of-the-box'.

> I have been looking for a Debian kernel source tree and a repository of
> .config files, to no avail.

$ apt-get install apt-cache (if you haven't already)
$ apt-cache search --names-only kernel

You'll see all the Debian packaged kernel sources, (and images if you
don't want to compile), there for the taking.  Simply apt-get install as
you would with any other package.  Apt-installing a kernel source simply
puts the tarball in /usr/src and nothing more.  Apt-installing an image
sets up sym-links from / to /boot so that everything will work on reboot
provided you have the a label defined in your yaboot.conf
that lists /vmlinuz as the kernel location.

Config file repository?  Not heard of one.  Ask around on the lists.

>>>please cc: to my address!

>> OK but this is a little rude don't you think?

> I thought that in British English, whatever you say, if you prepend it
> with 'please', it is not rude any more...  ;-)

That's usually true.  Perhaps I should say you were being a pain rather
than rude.  It's a hassle having to CC someone.  Everyone seems to have a
different opinion on this matter and I suppose it largely depends on
whether you subscribe to a mailing list (and have your inbox flooded with
messages, 90% of which you're not interested in) and can simply hit
'Reply-All', or whether you read a list as a Usenet newsgroup (that
mirrors the list). If you read and post to a Usenet newsgroup your message
will obviously reach everyone who reads the newsgroup, but people who are
subscribed to the list, and never look at the Usenet newsgroup, will _not_
receive it, (the list does not mirror the newsgroup), and that could be an
lot of clever people who could possibly help.  The best answer IMHO is to
use news.gmane.org as your news server.  The great benefit of this is that
a post to a gmane newsgroup _does_ get forwarded to list subscribers, and
gmane will also handle subscriptions if need be.

Try it out.  http://gmane.org

> well, the problem is that I have no complete access to the net at the
> place where I work, only http behind a nosy proxy.  and I did not want
> to wait until the evening to read the answer!

I'll forgive you.


CC me by all means but a follow-up will usually do.

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