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debian testing with hardware raid (ide) on powermac g3?

Hi folks,

I run a lot of debian boxes, but all of them are x86. That sure is a pity.

So I tried installing debian testing on a Powermac G3 (blue & white), 300 MHz. And it worked! Sorry for the astonishment, but I never tried before.

Next thing I tried: Plugging in a 3ware 7000 into the mac and installing again. The sarge installer even tried loading the 3ware module but then claimed "modprobe -v 3ware..." to have failed.

Is there anything I can do about that? I think if there is a module for 3ware controllers in the powerpc distri it must make sense running these cards on a powerpc, or not? I was not sure if they run inside a mac at all.

Okay, if it does not work with 3ware, are there any experiences out there with other hardware raid cards (like acard or whatever) that work in a G3/300 that is running debian?

I would LOVE to hear something like that, because then there would be a great new job for quite some of these machines here!

Thanks for any hint or help.


PS: I googled around a lot for these three key words (3ware, powermac g3, debian), but did not find anything that contained all of them in a related manner. Is it that new an idea to try?

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