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Re: woody to sarge - where is the new kernel?

Sebastian Tennant wrote:
my system does not boot any more from hd.  I have to use cd1 from the
woody distribution and then tell the booter to load 'hd:4'.
ofpath: WARNING: Your kernel is too old for proper support, device may
be innaccurate.

1. Downgrade to the 'proposed-updates' version of the yaboot package:

      apt-get --purge remove yaboot
      apt-get install -t proposed-updates yaboot

    You may need to add proposed-updates to your sources.list, I can't

yes, I had to add a line about it. I just took this one (deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian sarge main) and replaced the distribution name with 'proposed-updates'. then I ran apt-get update and the rest went smooth as silk.

     apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot

this did not work on my system.

  kruiskruid:~# apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot
  -su: apt-show-versions: command not found

but the other suggestion was fine, thanks!

just to complete the solution: I added this line to the /etc/apt.conf
APT::Hold "yaboot";

I'm now still wondering how to boot 2.6.x since I don't own a cd-writer. I want to compile my own kernel, but have some difficulties in understanding the questions about the hardware I have. as I wrote, I am used to PC's and only lately acquired this beautiful iMac. at the beginning I had no idea whatsoever of what it contains. now the picture is a bit better, but not enough to answer to some of the kernel configuration questions.

I have been looking for a Debian kernel source tree and a repository of .config files, to no avail.

please cc: to my address!

OK but this is a little rude don't you think?

I thought that in British English, whatever you say, if you prepend it with 'please', it is not rude any more... ;-)

well, the problem is that I have no complete access to the net at the place where I work, only http behind a nosy proxy. and I did not want to wait until the evening to read the answer!


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