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Re: woody to sarge - where is the new kernel?

> my system does not boot any more from hd.  I have to use cd1 from the
> woody distribution and then tell the booter to load 'hd:4'.
> ofpath: WARNING: Your kernel is too old for proper support, device may
> be innaccurate.

Had this problem myself.  The latest yaboot only works with the more
recent kernels (2.6 and above I believe). 'ofpath' is the actual culprit
but just downgrade and re-run package as described below:

1. Downgrade to the 'proposed-updates' version of the yaboot package:

      apt-get --purge remove yaboot
      apt-get install -t proposed-updates yaboot

    You may need to add proposed-updates to your sources.list, I can't
    remember.  Alternatively use the command:

      apt-get install yaboot=<version>
  <version> corresponding to proposed-updates version may be found by
    issuing the command:
     apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot

  (Again you may need 'proposed-updates' in your sources list).

2. Run:
     yabootconfig -b <boot device> -r <root device>

    In your case this may be:

      yabootconfig -b /dev/hda4 -r /dev/hda5

3. This will create a simple yaboot.conf (and back up your old one)
    and run ybin all in one hit.  You may wish to edit your yaboot.conf
    and run:

      ybin -b /dev/hda4

   (again) if you want to add kernel image labels or multiboot options
   etc,  according to your set up.  Just don't dabble with the boot device
   path yabootconfig has written.  It may be as simple as 'hd:'.

4. 'Pin' or put 'on hold' version of yaboot so that it doesn't get
    automatically upgraded.

Good luck.

> please cc: to my address!

OK but this is a little rude don't you think?  If you can't be bothered
to check the list/newsgroup it can't be that urgent can it?  Think about
it.  Also, if you use a newsreader as many people do, there is no
'Follow-up and CC sender' automated option.  Perhaps there should be.


CC me by all means but a follow-up will usually do.

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