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Re: woody to sarge - where is the new kernel?

> my system does not boot any more from hd.  I have to use cd1 from the
> woody distribution and then tell the booter to load 'hd:4'.
> ofpath: WARNING: Your kernel is too old for proper support, device may
> be innaccurate.

1. Downgrade to the 'proposed-updates' version of the yaboot package:

      apt-get --purge remove yaboot
      apt-get install -t proposed-updates yaboot

    You may need to add proposed-updates to your sources.list, I can't
    remember.  Alternatively use the command:

      apt-get install yaboot=<version>
    <version> corresponding to proposed-updates version may be found by
    issuing the command:
      apt-show-versions -a -p yaboot

2. Run:
      yabootconfig -b <boot device> -r <root device>
    In your case this may be
      yabootconfig -b /dev/hda4 -r /dev/hda5

3. This will create a simple yaboot.conf (and back up your old one

> please cc: to my address!
> Mario

CC me by all means but a follow-up will usually do.

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