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Re: "Debian Within a Darwin System"

Scott Henson wrote:
I work for the csee department here and we have tons of hardware
laying around including some old powermac 7500 and a quadra something
or another.  Im pretty sure we have some hardware laying around
somewhere that will have hardware that is supported by X86 darwin,
otherwise I think Im going to try to install on the powermac or
quadra(no clue what this is) but I hear that installing on oldworld
powermacs is a bitch and I would rather do it on the plentiful x86
hardware we have here.

Well, installing a recent version of Darwin on an OldWorld system is difficult to impossible - the current boot stuff (which is what OS X also uses) only works on NewWorld systems, so it's be a real pain to get Darwin on such systems. Certainly won't work on anything that doesn't have at least a G3 CPU in it. The hardware requirements are generally the same as OS X - less memory and disk required, but same CPU family.

A Quadra, on the other hand - that's a 68k CPU, and Darwin will definitely _not_ run on such a system. Sorry, no dice. As Brad Boyer mentioned, the debian-68k list would be an appropriate place to ask about it. Or if you'd rather run a BSD, www.netbsd.org might be more appropriate for you.

Derrik Pates

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