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Re: "Debian Within a Darwin System"

On Sunday 01 August 2004 07:13 pm, Gregory Seidman wrote:
eat if Debian chose to begin supporting

> I can't see Debian supporting MacOS X directly, since I believe there is
> some bad blood between Apple and Debian. Darwin, however, is a
> reasonable BSD to support, and any work done there could be ported to
> MacOS X with relative ease. If the Debian project is considering
> including Darwin as a supported platform, I would be delighted.

If a Darwin port were to be done, MacOS X would automatically be supported
too.  Roughly speaking, MacOS X is Darwin with a bunch of API's on top.  This
is the major reason why Apple is selling--in the figurative sense--Darwin as
a development platform for OS X.

But this would be great news.  Where do I sign up to help?


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