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Re: "Debian Within a Darwin System"

Gregory Seidman <gss+debian@cs.brown.edu> writes:

> On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 11:21:59AM -0400, Scott Henson wrote:
> } Gregory Seidman <gss+debian@cs.brown.edu> writes:
> } 
> } > On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 10:59:07PM +0000, Alexander Solla wrote:
> } > I wouldn't be quite automatic. Among other things, I would want
> } > Debian-managed software to be outside the main tree (i.e. in /usr/local
> } > or, better, in /sw or the like). I also wouldn't want or need much of
> } > the software that is shipped with MacOS X, so there would have to be
> } > equivs packages set up for all of that stuff. This includes things like
> } > the X server, the compiler, etc. It would also be very interesting to
> } > have two versions of anything Qt-based, since there is a MacOS-native
> } > version of the Qt library (GPL'd as well as commercial). I don't think
> } > any of this would require tremendous work, just an unofficial repository
> } > to supply the modified and extra packages.
> } >
> } 
> } I don't know about this.  That sounds a lot like what fink is doing.
> [...]
> See my previous post on why Fink isn't good enough. Anyhow, I'm in favor
> of a full Debian Darwin distribution. My intentions, however, are to use
> it to make well-packaged software available on MacOS X.

Yes, I would have to agree about Fink, Ive tried it myself and it is
really very bad.  I also must say that I don't think the two goals of
a full port of Debian to Darwin and good well packaged software for
MacOS are mutually exclusive.  Check out the --root options to dpkg.
I would think once one has Debian on Darwin one could easily port use
the same binaries on MacOS and even use debootstrap to build the
initial Debian install inside of /sw or wherever on your MacOS system
and from then on tell apt or your tool of choice to pass the --root
option to dpkg.  It seem like it would be very easy, but maybe Im just
make it more simple than it actually is.

Scott Henson <scotth@csee.wvu.edu>

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