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Re: "Debian Within a Darwin System"

Gregory Seidman <gss+debian@cs.brown.edu> writes:

> On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 10:59:07PM +0000, Alexander Solla wrote:
> I wouldn't be quite automatic. Among other things, I would want
> Debian-managed software to be outside the main tree (i.e. in /usr/local
> or, better, in /sw or the like). I also wouldn't want or need much of
> the software that is shipped with MacOS X, so there would have to be
> equivs packages set up for all of that stuff. This includes things like
> the X server, the compiler, etc. It would also be very interesting to
> have two versions of anything Qt-based, since there is a MacOS-native
> version of the Qt library (GPL'd as well as commercial). I don't think
> any of this would require tremendous work, just an unofficial repository
> to supply the modified and extra packages.

I don't know about this.  That sounds a lot like what fink is doing.
>From what I remember the other efforts that I mentioned earlier are to
get a full Debian system running on top of non-Linux kernels.  That
would mean that one would take the Darwin kernel along with whatever
user space stuff it needs to work and port Debian over to it so it
looks pretty much the same as a Debian system running on top of Linux
from user space.  The only difference would be in the kernel.  Im
curious as to if the Mac OSX drivers(airport extreme, radeon) work on
Darwin.  Because if it does, Im not all that attached to this Linux
kernel, Im more into Debian.  I think that would be pretty cool.

> } But this would be great news.  Where do I sign up to help?
> I don't know, but I'm interested in helping as well.

Depending on how it is done this seems very interesting and I would
love to help as well.

Scott Henson <scotth@csee.wvu.edu>

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