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Re: XFree86 on Albook 15"? (Modified by Ryan Verner)

* Ryan Verner (2003-12-15) writes:

> On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 13:41:06 +0100, Ralf Angeli wrote
>> As I said before I am in course of deciding wether to buy an AlBook 
>> or not.  It would be nice if you could say something about what is 
>> working and what is not to help me with this decision. (c;  The 
>> following would be especially interesting:
>> * Modem
> No idea; haven't had to use this yet, and don't forsee myself needing to.

Hm, I will need it for a dial-up connection at home.  If it is a
Conexant modem it shouldn't be a problem to make it work with a driver
from <URL:http://www.linuxant.com/>.

>> * WLAN (I suppose this isn't working because of the proprietary stuff
>>   by Broadcom in Airport Extreme; maybe there is a possibility to use
>>   an alternative Mini-PCI card?)
> Unfortunately not, the card is indeed unsupported.  I'll probably be using my
> Orinoco card though, which should work no problems (it's PCMCIA).

I will buy a PowerBook without the Airport Extreme card so this might
be an option for later if I decide to buy a WLAN router.

In the Gentoo forums I found a quite interesting thread regarding the
15" AlBook, maybe this is useful for you, too.  Here is the link:
<URL:http://tinyurl.com/zbr6>.  AFAICS sound is working as well.

So I guess I will have to go to the store to get one of these nice
machines although everybody around here is sceptical. (c:


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