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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 04:57:48AM -0400, Nathanael Hasbrouck wrote:
> This would be cool.  Not real high priority, mind you, but might be 
> beneficial in the long run.  I'd volunteer to help but I can't code 
> for my life.  (At least not (in) anything useful.)  Testing I could 
> handle, though.

I've been poking around, and Apple does seem to have most of it
documented, and it looks to be possible to write. However, it's
not the simplest of things even though the final product is
liable to only be around 100k or so. It's also not on the top of
my list. I'm sure people would appreciate getting the 1.4 version
of the Sun JDK running more than being able to boot oldworld Macs
from a CD using only free software.

	Brad Boyer

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