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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

Am Mit, den 15.10.2003 schrieb Nathanael Hasbrouck um 21:05:
> >....completly untested on oldworld. The first step would probably be to
> >build a kernel 2.4 (needed for devfs) which fits on a floppy, as we were
> >told that this is the only way to boot oldworlds without using
> >proprietary software.
> Ok, let me know if I'm completely wrong, but I have an old LinuxPPC 
> (2KQ4) disc which will boot my 7600 and my parents iMac (rev. A) by 
> holding down the 'c' key like any other bootable mac CD.  It uses 
> miboot/yaboot, and IMVHO, it beats floppys on an oldworld hands down. 
> ;)  Is this not an option?  Or do we need proprietary software (i.e., 
> Toast under MacOS) to burn a bootable image like this?  I eagerly 
> await enlightenment. :^)
I don't know what linuxppc does to make these cds bootable on oldworlds.
If it really only used miboot and no proprietary driver partitions, then
this would be great! Does someone else know more?


btw please don't send me mail off-list on list-topics and please don't
cc me.

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