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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

I don't know what linuxppc does to make these cds bootable on oldworlds.
If it really only used miboot and no proprietary driver partitions, then
this would be great! Does someone else know more?

I doesn't look like it'll work. See the other reply from Brad Boyer - he pointed out that the LinuxPPC discs were indeed burned as mac-bootable from Toast, hence they have Mac driver partitions (which I had forgotten to check). So, it probably won't work unless there's a way to fake the drivers, but I don't know enough about how they work to tell. My guess is not, though.

btw please don't send me mail off-list on list-topics and please don't
cc me.

My bad. I only realized I'd got the wrong address as it was going and I couldn't get there fast enough to stop it. My apologies.


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