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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

They can't be faked, but they could be written properly. Apple didn't
provide their own drivers to third parties anyway. Anyone writing a
partitioning tool was supposed to provide their own. So, if you used
a third party product to setup your disk, you don't have the official
Apple drivers. This is obvious sometimes in a MacOS upgrade, because
the upgrader fails trying to update the driver. In some cases, it was
even required to get an updated driver from the third party and
install that first.

This makes sense, particularly given the fact that most of my disks are using FWB drivers. Thanks for clarifying. :^)

It should be possible to write drivers as free software, but I haven't
really looked at any documentation for it. It might be really tricky
to compile them on Linux, tho. I suspect they are actually 68k code.
I'll see what I can find on Apple's site in terms of documentation,
but I won't promise anything. If it does happen, it might make the
68k folks happy as well, since all the old Macs are similarly picky.

This would be cool. Not real high priority, mind you, but might be beneficial in the long run. I'd volunteer to help but I can't code for my life. (At least not (in) anything useful.) Testing I could handle, though.


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