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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 [12:11],
    Arnaud Vandyck (arnaud-guest@users.alioth.debian.org) wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm new  to the list... I've just  bought a powermbook G4  15' and would
> like (as a futur  DD ;)) to install Debian on it  but maybe also want to
> keep mac os x on it. 
> I already installed  Debian on a g3 at home (but  only with Debian), and
> this time,  I'd like to  have both systems...  (and maybe hurd  but it's
> another story). 
> I have a friend who did it but he had to make a FAT partition to share a
> partition because linux  does not write on usf.  Is this statement still
> true? Can macosx r/o on ext2-3? 

MacOS can't read ext2/ext3. But Linux can read USF and read/write to HFS+
(YOU SHOULDN'T!), but you can if you want :)

> Last thing, I'll  probably use Branden Robinson's help  page to install,
> but is there  any documentation about the new  debian-installer? Maybe I
> can try it and help with a report? 

Don't think so, but there maybe is something out there.

> Does the Debian partition still need to be first with swap? 


> PS: I  already read  the Installation guide,  these questions are  to be
> sure the informations in the document are still up-to-date. 

There are several documents out there with good information, and most of
them are up to date, since the configuration part hasn't changed that
much. Use the google, luke.


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