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Re: powerbook 15" 1Ghz question ...

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 16:16, Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought about buying the Powerbook G4 15" 1GHz, but have a few
> GNU/Linux related questions. So I would be happy If someone who has this
> TiBook could give me some answeres ...

Good, I just got mine today ;)

> As far as I know
> - Powermanagement does work with latest Benh Kernels (suspend)


> - XFree86 work's but without 3D Accelration

It works _with_ 3D acceleration provided you use Michel's latest
DRI snapshots. There may be a few cases of lockups still with apps using
lots of texture (flightgear ?), though I have no problem with foobillard
or tuxracer

> - Sound works


> Do this components work?
> - PCMCIA Slot? (with pcmcia-cs? because of orinoco-cs monitor patch)

Not tested yet, but I suppose it will, it's just yet another TI bridge
with nothing much different on the motherboard than older models

> - Modem? (heard that there is an closed source driver)

Haven't tried the driver on this model yet.

> How long can you work with your powerbook on battery power?

I haven't had it for long enough yet ;) I set it up so that it switches
the CPU to 667Mhz when running on battery, it seem to have reasonable
consumption, I suspect it can go up to 4 hours, maybe more if you are

> Yes, i know, this depends on what you do with the Powerbook, right. 
> But what are your experiences?
>   - on normal working (vi, ssh, email, web, irc, etc.)
>   - and on heavy cpu using (compiling, etc.) 
> This is my most important question because I have an Pismo and could
> live with the slow cpu of the G3, but not with intel-like on-battery 
> times :-/
> And how often do you hear the fan? how hot will it get?
> is there a problem like the "toasted ibooks in sleep-mode"? ;)

No problem like that I know about. I'm not sure yet about that toasted
ibook is really a linux issue btw. I suspect there may be a batch of
faultly ibooks around... And so far, it really only ever happened on
ibook 800s.

The fan is variable speed. I often hear it at low speed when working on
AC power (1Ghz), doing some 3D stuff or kernel compiles kicks it to
full speed.


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