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powerbook 15" 1Ghz question ...

Hi all,

I thought about buying the Powerbook G4 15" 1GHz, but have a few
GNU/Linux related questions. So I would be happy If someone who has this
TiBook could give me some answeres ...

As far as I know
- Powermanagement does work with latest Benh Kernels (suspend)
- XFree86 work's but without 3D Accelration
- Sound works

Do this components work?
- PCMCIA Slot? (with pcmcia-cs? because of orinoco-cs monitor patch)
- Modem? (heard that there is an closed source driver)

How long can you work with your powerbook on battery power?
Yes, i know, this depends on what you do with the Powerbook, right. 
But what are your experiences?
  - on normal working (vi, ssh, email, web, irc, etc.)
  - and on heavy cpu using (compiling, etc.) 
This is my most important question because I have an Pismo and could
live with the slow cpu of the G3, but not with intel-like on-battery 
times :-/

And how often do you hear the fan? how hot will it get?
is there a problem like the "toasted ibooks in sleep-mode"? ;)



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