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Re: building mol-module-sources (Re: how update wireless-tools version?)

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 12:38:16PM -0700, Wilhelm *Rafial* Fitzpatrick wrote:

> I don't know if that is necessary, I just rebuilt mol-module-sources 
> against 2.4.19-ben0 using the make-kpkg mechanism, and it seems to 
> have worked out fine.  I didn't need to do any further fiddling. 
> Perhaps this is because make-kpkg has you build starting from the 
> kernel source directory, so it already knows how to find the right 
> things.

Ah, yeah, I had looked into the README.Debian today and forgotten that.
I need to do that to make it a proper citizen on my system.


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