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Re: how update wireless-tools version?

Wilhelm *Rafial* Fitzpatrick <rafial@well.com> writes:

> A follow up for future archive searchers: I copied the correct
> wireless.xx.h from the wireless-tools source directory over the
> libc6-dev version in /usr/include/linux and rebuilt the package, and
> all now seems well.  If anybody has a "more correct" recipie for how
> this should be done, I'd love to hear about it.

You definately should not do it that way.  The kernel headers in
/usr/include are the headers libc was built against, and these should
be updated with libc.  I like how the README and the Makefile for
wireless-tools claim that distribitions which do this are broken, and
suggest copying the wireless.h file into /usr/include.  WTF?

You should just build the wireless-tools against the correct kernel
includes, by specifying (usually in the makefile) the location of the
kernel source you want to build with.  Since the wireless-tools has no
mechanism to do this, just add:


to the proper place in the makefile. (i.e. to the CFLAGS variable)

> Also, I added an extra line in debian/changelong with a slightly
> munged version number to prevent apt from constantly trying to replace
> my fixed version of wireless-tools with the one in the repository.  Is
> this the correct way to do this, or is there a "better" way?
> dpkg-genchanges bitched about this, but it seemed to work.

There are a couple options...

1) put the package on hold
2) use an epoch

You can use dch (in the devscripts package) to generate changelog

Josh Huber

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