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Modems on PowerBook 3400


I have a couple of questions regarding my modem(s) on my PowerBook.
First, let me apologise for being short on details.  I'm at work right
now, and my PowerBook is at home.

Additionally, I'm a newbie.  So, I don't know where a lot of
configuration files, informational logs, etc. are (okay, yes, some of
them are, in fact in /etc, but not etc. )

(Relevant) Hardware:
  PowerBook 3400 (200 MHz, 603e, old world (in more ways than one))
  Internal 33.6 Modem/10T ethernet
  PCMCIA 56k Global Village fax/modem

  Unofficial LordSutch.com ISOLINUX test image/mini-ISO for Debian
    3.0, version 23. <http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/>
  (I also have 2.2r3 official, but not currently installed)

Now, according to message
the internal modem does not work as a modem.  In that message, it is
also suggested that the user try PCMCIA.

So, how do I configure PCMCIA?  I would prefer the PCMCIA modem
because it's faster and has a better compression than the internal,
but I haven't had any luck with the PC card modem and any flavour of
GNU/Linux.  However, if I must use the internal modem, I will.  I
don't know why the internal modem wouldn't work.  I assume it's not a
softmodem (before their heyday).  Maybe because ethernet and modems
can share the same device?

Anyway, when I change my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts according to the
how-to, I still have no joy.  There is no device /dev/modem.  How do I
find out which device to link to /dev/modem?  Do I need to adjust the
timeout?  If so, how and where?

During the installation/post-installation setup (I forget which
program... exim?), I was told that it looks like my network card eth0
is a PCMCIA device.  That *really* confused me.

Ideally, what I want is step-by-step instructions on getting my PCMCIA
modem to co-operate with ppp.  I haven't been able to find any, and so
I've had to abandon GNU/Linux several times because I just can get a

<whine> So can somebody pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease help me with
this one </whine>

I'll run dmesg tonight (assuming it was installed) and provide more
details in my next message... unless somebody already knows the magic



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