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Re: Modems on PowerBook 3400

Hello Aaron,

I own a Powerbook 2400c and also have a GlobalVillage PCMCIA modem
installed and running (... but forget about the ethernet, there :) ).

I do not know if the PB 3400 uses the same hardware, but it is
to be suspected; so you might possibly profit from my configuration
files. I have put them online at 
http://www.gubbe.ch/linux/pb2400-pcmcia.php   (pcmcia config)
and at
http://www.gubbe.ch/linux/dev-globalvillage.php   (for modem stuff)

please note that I am using debian potato (stable) for the pb2400,
since functionality is covered fine and I had trouble booting 
a 2.4 kernel properly (using bootX and/or quik; there have been
problems with initialization of PCMCIA bridge; possibly that issue
got solved by now).

> Anyway, when I change my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts according to the
> how-to, I still have no joy.  There is no device /dev/modem.  How do I
... the how-to is crappy (for powerpc hardware, that is) :)

> find out which device to link to /dev/modem?  Do I need to adjust the
> timeout?  If so, how and where?
the link was then /dev/ttyS1 ; look at the log-files. note the
"beeps" when PCMCIA initializes; you'll find the modem port
in the logs.

please let me know if you have been succesful; I'd like to update
the doc's on the site if necessary; I could also send you the
config-files, if required (... but that would require me
to boot the PB2400 and I have stowed it away somewhere...)

have fun, bye
Philipp Kaeser

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