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Re: Modems on PowerBook 3400

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 11:11:56AM +0100, linuxppc_user@blueyonder.co.uk wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a couple of questions regarding my modem(s) on my PowerBook.
> First, let me apologise for being short on details.  I'm at work right
> now, and my PowerBook is at home.
> Additionally, I'm a newbie.  So, I don't know where a lot of
> configuration files, informational logs, etc. are (okay, yes, some of
> them are, in fact in /etc, but not etc. )
> (Relevant) Hardware:
>   PowerBook 3400 (200 MHz, 603e, old world (in more ways than one))
>   Internal 33.6 Modem/10T ethernet
>   PCMCIA 56k Global Village fax/modem
> Software:
>   Unofficial LordSutch.com ISOLINUX test image/mini-ISO for Debian
>     3.0, version 23. <http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/>
>   (I also have 2.2r3 official, but not currently installed)
> Now, according to message
> <http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2000/debian-powerpc-200007/msg00264.html>,
> the internal modem does not work as a modem.  In that message, it is
> also suggested that the user try PCMCIA.
> So, how do I configure PCMCIA?  I would prefer the PCMCIA modem
> because it's faster and has a better compression than the internal,
> but I haven't had any luck with the PC card modem and any flavour of
> GNU/Linux.  However, if I must use the internal modem, I will.  I
> don't know why the internal modem wouldn't work.  I assume it's not a
> softmodem (before their heyday).  Maybe because ethernet and modems
> can share the same device?
> Anyway, when I change my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts according to the
> how-to, I still have no joy.  There is no device /dev/modem.  How do I
> find out which device to link to /dev/modem?  Do I need to adjust the
> timeout?  If so, how and where?
> During the installation/post-installation setup (I forget which
> program... exim?), I was told that it looks like my network card eth0
> is a PCMCIA device.  That *really* confused me.
> Ideally, what I want is step-by-step instructions on getting my PCMCIA
> modem to co-operate with ppp.  I haven't been able to find any, and so
> I've had to abandon GNU/Linux several times because I just can get a
> connection.
> <whine> So can somebody pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease help me with
> this one </whine>
> I'll run dmesg tonight (assuming it was installed) and provide more
> details in my next message... unless somebody already knows the magic
> formula.
> Thanks!
> --Aaron

Did you install (or choose) the yenta-socket module? I think that's the 
one you need. If you chose the default (which is the common choice for
i386), it won't work.

(debian-powerpc-200204/msg00449.html rang my bell).

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