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Re: Booting from CD on PowerMacintosh 7600/132

Great! That will be good to have in the manual. I see the reference in the mac-fdisk man page, but that's only available once the system is up and running. The man page for the regular fdisk was missing that tip.

The machine is up and running now.

I also had a bit of difficulty adding a second SCSI drive. The part about the Apple_bootstrap partition was clear in the install manual. However, I could not boot from the freshly installed hard drives until I put the root partition before the swap partition and moved them both from SCSI dev a to b. Perhaps I missed the relevant change altogether, but I suspect that only re-ordering the partitions may have been necessary.


På mandag, 1. juli 2002, kl. 16:47, skrev Chris Tillman:

It's there in the mac-fdisk manual. I'll add something in the install manual: You have to name the partition 'swap' on powerpc. The type must be normal Unix.

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