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networking issues on G3 b&w

I just made my instalation on my G4 500mz and every things looks good so far except for some miner issues but I have networking working just fine.  I just moved the system to my G3 box.. soon to replace my SuSE system and I made the neccessory changes to the hostname and ip addr but I  can't for the life of me figure out how to get my networking to activate.

1. I  checked the ifconfig.. looks good
2.  checked the route.. that also looks good
3. compared network settings with teh G4 and G3.. looks good
4.modules installed are the same and nothing to disquish from one eth to another eth
5. Combed etc dir for config files many times

Now I am just rather stumped.. with all the proper settings.. I  can ping lo and eth0 but any thing on the network.. it just sits there and waits for me to do a control - c... 

As always I  am indead greatful for the suport.

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