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Re: Booting from CD on PowerMacintosh 7600/132

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 09:47:07AM +0200, Lars Nood?n wrote:
> Great!  That will be good to have in the manual.  I see the reference in 
> the mac-fdisk man page, but that's only available once the system is up 
> and running.  The man page for the regular fdisk was missing that tip.
> The machine is up and running now.
> I also had a bit of difficulty adding a second SCSI drive.  The part about 
> the Apple_bootstrap partition was clear in the install manual.  However, I 
> could not boot from the freshly installed hard drives until I put the root 
> partition before the swap partition and moved them both from SCSI dev a to 
> b.  Perhaps I missed the relevant change altogether, but I suspect that 
> only re-ordering the partitions may have been necessary.

Ordering of swap and root is unimportant. I think maybe your scsi
config wasn't the same once you booted. One little difficulty with the
sda/sdb linux idea, is that if you change scsi addresses, or
plug/unplug devices, you likely need to change the /etc/fstab to
match the new configuration. The lowest scsi address is identified as sda,
sdb is the next lowest, etc.

I first ran across this when installing on an external drive on a machine
with an internal ide drive, so installing on sda, then hooking it up to
a machine with an internal scsi drive - the install is suddenly on sdb.

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