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Re: Booting from CD on PowerMacintosh 7600/132

On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 02:09:49PM +0200, Lars Nood?n wrote:
> Thanks.  It turns out that I need two disks, both boot-floppy-hfs.img and 
> root.bin.
> I used dd on an i686 after trying other methods.
> The MakeDebianFloppy script didn't seem to have instructions packed with 
> it so I moved on after 10 minutes of experiments.  Perhaps that machine 
> (running OS 9) was missing AppleScript.  Nor could I figure out diskcopy 
> on the first try.

To use it, you drag the image to the app. You're probably right, Applescript
must have been turned off.
> It would be a nice-but-not-essential extra to have the Debian install 
> process remind you of how much RAM is available.  It would, however, be 
> really useful to have a little more detail about creating a swap partition.
>   Partition types "swap", "SWAP", and 82 seem to be ignored.  What is the 
> proper thing to enter, if I use only the disks and no other tool?

It's there in the mac-fdisk manual. I'll add something in the install manual:
You have to name the partition 'swap' on powerpc. The type must be normal

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