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Re: LVM oops in 2.4.19-rc1

On Sun, Jun 30, Marco d'Itri wrote:

> >>NIP; c0110e7c <lvm_blk_open+44/f4>   <=====
> >>GPR1; dcae9d00 <_end+1c857584/20db4884>
> >>GPR2; dcae8000 <_end+1c855884/20db4884>
> >>GPR3; ddf66bc0 <_end+1dcd4444/20db4884>
> >>GPR4; dcae9d28 <_end+1c8575ac/20db4884>
> >>GPR5; dcae9d28 <_end+1c8575ac/20db4884>
> >>GPR6; dcae9e00 <_end+1c857684/20db4884>
> >>GPR7; c028881c <vg_lv_map+0/800>
> >>GPR9; c0288690 <vg+0/18c>
> >>GPR12; 40000080 Before first symbol
> >>GPR13; 10029d38 Before first symbol
> >>GPR17; 7ffff91c Before first symbol
> >>GPR18; 7ffff918 Before first symbol
> >>GPR20; 00009032 Before first symbol
> >>GPR21; 1cae9f40 Before first symbol
> >>GPR23; c0006358 <ret_from_except+0/34>
> >>GPR24; dcb2f000 <_end+1c89c884/20db4884>
> >>GPR26; dcae9d28 <_end+1c8575ac/20db4884>
> >>GPR27; ddf66bc0 <_end+1dcd4444/20db4884>
> >>GPR29; c053127c <_end+29eb00/20db4884>
> >>GPR30; 00003a00 Before first symbol
> >>GPR31; c0531260 <_end+29eae4/20db4884>
> Trace; c00437d8 <do_open+5c/1e0>
> Trace; c00439c4 <blkdev_get+68/7c>
> Trace; c00422a4 <get_sb_bdev+e0/278>
> Trace; c004264c <do_kern_mount+60/16c>
> Trace; c0056a50 <do_add_mount+90/1c8>
> Trace; c0056e50 <do_mount+1b0/1d4>
> Trace; c005735c <sys_mount+9c/ec>
> Trace; c000611c <ret_from_syscall_1+0/b4>

Can you paste your config, I see the same. All cdrom drivers are
modules, do you have a similar config?
Also, xmon is dead, no adb input possible on a B&W 350, 2.4.19pre9 in
this case.

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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