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Re: Booting from CD on PowerMacintosh 7600/132

On   2 Jul, this message from Lars Noodén echoed through cyberspace:
> The machine is up and running now.
> I also had a bit of difficulty adding a second SCSI drive.  The part about the Apple_bootstrap partition was clear in the install manual.  However, I could not boot from the freshly installed hard drives until I put the root partition before the swap partition and moved them both from SCSI dev a to b.  Perhaps I missed the relevant change altogether, but I suspect that 
> only re-ordering the partitions may have been necessary.

Wrap your lines at something below 80 characters please...

Concerning SCSI disks on the 7600, there where problems using the
default Quantum 1.2 G SCSI disk in Linux on SCSI ID 0 (which is Apple's
shipping default). That was long ago and I haven't heard of problems
lately, but you never know... Also I don't know whether the problems
indeed were limited to Quantum disks.

Also, no need for a bootstrap partition on a 7600, which is of category
'OldWorld', and thus needs to boot with BootX or quik. As Chris replied
already, the partition reordering is irrelevant, except maybe if your
boot partition specification was wrong (off by one).



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