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Re: two sound questions

Weird. I had tried that, and it didn't start esd, so I assumed that wasn't the way to do it. As it turns out, ~/.xsession wasn't getting sourced, and /etc/X11/Xsession (which appeared to be what was supposed to do that) wasn't even checking for it. There was a variable ($STARTUP) pointing at it, but the script didn't do anything with it.

So I added a few lines to check for it and source it. Now my problem is that esd stays running when I log out.

I think it's worth noting that I didn't have a ~/.xsession file until I created it, so it just contains the line:

/usr/bin/esd &

The reason I don't specify a window manager is this: I'm using the Fluxbox window manager, and not KDE or Gnome. I am, however, running kdm (for the graphical login and the ability to shut down without logging in). When I installed Fluxbox, the option to use it automagically appeared in the menu in the login window, and I have no idea how it's actually run. Is ~/.xsession maybe just for startx run from a console, and there's a different way you're supposed to start things if you're using a graphical login?

Theo Gutmann wrote:

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 18:53, Thomas Peri wrote:

Hmmm... ok, did that. But I just discovered that that wasn't what was causing that alert. esound, though installed, was not running. *slaps self on forehead* How can I have it run at startup?

If you are running Gnome, fire up Gnome Control Center, select
Multimedia -> Sound (on the left side), check 'Enable sound server
startup', and restart gnome (log out and then back in).

If you aren't running Gnome or KDE, you have to run esd from your
~/.xsession file. Example:

/usr/bin/esd &
exec /usr/bin/enlightenment

I can't give you the details for KDE, since I don't use it, but it
should be similar to Gnome, if supported.

I suppose gaim is trying to use /dev/dsp directly to play its sounds, but I don't see an option in gaim for using esound.

According to the documentation, there are only few apps supporting esd.
It seems, that the rest is directing its audio output to /dev/dsp :((

Another thing: switching to esound has introduced a one-second delay in xmms between clicking stop and the music actually stopping. Same for volume. Any thoughts on this?

Same here.


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