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Re: two sound questions

Hmmm... ok, did that. But I just discovered that that wasn't what was causing that alert. esound, though installed, was not running. *slaps self on forehead* How can I have it run at startup?

Anyway, I've started esd manually, and xmms can now play using esound. But the original problem is back, and slightly different. Before, if xmms was playing, nothing else could make noise. When xmms is playing (through esound), the problem still exists that nothing else can make noise. But, when esd is running, even if xmms isn't, gaim can't make sounds (unless I use "console beep," which still only works if xmms isn't playing). I suppose gaim is trying to use /dev/dsp directly to play its sounds, but I don't see an option in gaim for using esound.

Another thing: switching to esound has introduced a one-second delay in xmms between clicking stop and the music actually stopping. Same for volume. Any thoughts on this?


Theo Gutmann wrote:

My /etc/esound/esd.conf looks like that:

spawn_options=-terminate -d /dev/dsp -nobeeps -as 5

I had to insert the -d /dev/dsp flag manually in order to get a working


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