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Re: XFS Install (was: HFS+ (MacOS) in contrast to EXT2(Linux-i386))

At 2:07 PM +0200 9/19/01, Michel Dänzer wrote:
Kevin van Haaren wrote:

 >Are you using one of the PPC trees as a basis? PPC isn't fully merged
 >into Linus' yet AFAIK.

 No, I wasn't sure I could apply an XFS patch against a PPC tree, or a
 PPC patch against an XFS patched source so I avoided it.  Or is there
 a PPC tree with XFS applied already?

Dunno, I'm using the XFS patches with benh's rsync tree.

i'll try that next if the kernel i'm building now doesn't work (the
pre10 one built with gcc 3.01 had a kernel ooops when i tried to
connect with ssh.  so i'm rebuilding with the standard woody gcc,


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