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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

At 5:07 AM -0800 9/13/01, Ethan Benson wrote:
and its this flawed system configuration that has resulted in many
unbootable systems, and why i won't support the utterly evil hack of
mounting an hfs partition on /boot

well I definitely don't do that. I only mount the hfs partition when i need to copy the kernel to it, otherwise it remains unmounted.

I'd prefer to use quik for booting, but i just spent 2 days dinking around with Open Firmware on my SuperMac C500 and can't get it to boot with quik. I only managed to get it to boot to Open Firmware with video output once, never again. and i've never gotten to boot from the scsi device.

since i was more interested in getting Debian up and running than messing around with a screwed up Open Firmware, I put boot x back on and moved on.


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