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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 08:26:01PM +1000, Stuart Lamble wrote:
> Why is this? If hfsplusutils can happily read from HFS+ volumes, it
> says to me that the structure of the filesystem is reasonably well
> documented.. and I can't think of a significant reason why this would

apple has in fact documented hfs+ fairly well (from what hasi has
said).  however documentation alone a kernel space filesystem driver
does not make.

> not be possible. Mind you, I've never worked with the kernel, so I'm
> no expert -- there's probably something I'm missing. :)

writing filesystem drivers is rather difficult, and generally not very
fun from what i hear.  of course it depends on the filesystem too,
there are lots of people who seem to enjoy working on things like xfs
and reiserfs...  from everything ive read from people who worked on
hfs+ its not a pleasant thing to deal with.  

its just hard to motivate oneself to work on a crappy filesystem that
will never be used mainstream (unlike ext2, ext3, xfs etc).

> I have definite reasons for desiring HFS+ under Linux, at least until
> MacOS 10.1 comes out. At that point, read-write UFS would be "good
> enough" (yes, I know that that's experimental at the moment.) The main

the read-write support doesn't extend to the OpenStep UFS varient,
which is what apple uses, so for now its readonly.  but thats much
better then nothing, which is what hfs+ is.

> reason is that it would be really, really nice to have a large volume
> on my iBook (already created :) that I can share between Mac OS 9, Mac
> OS 10, and Linux, simply as a working area. I can get either the first
> two easily, or the last two if I accept experimental drivers.. but not
> all three.

the old HFS will do this for you, though linux will corrupt it
regularly, and ive read OSX doesn't deal well with HFS in the gui, so
you would have to do all file managment in the shell.

> If it isn't possible, well, I can live with it.. but it would be
> really nice to have.

at this point its a `then do it yourself' ;-)

Ethan Benson

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