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Re: Q about filing a bug report

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 10:52:51PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
>I've been playing around in woody for a while now, and I ran into a strange 
>problem dealing with my cdrom device: I just went through a lot of 
>strangeness (and without the help of Phil Frost I'd still be out there) in 
>trying to figure out why my cdrom wouldn't work. It was because the 
>permissions weren't right. It was also because there was no link | device 
>called /dev/cdrom to start off with. I don't understand that. 

A lot of this is covered in the CDROM-HOWTO (install the
doc-linux-text or doc-linux-html package).

One way to handle the permission issue is to change the group of the
cdrom device to "cdrom" and add yourself to this group.

The reason that IDE devices are group "disk" by default is because that
is the safest choice given that they may in fact be disks.

It is a bit easier for SCSI devices, as different device names are used
for disks and cds, so the /dev/scd* are already set to group "cdrom", as
are the old proprietary interfaces like /dev/sonycd.

You still of course need to add yourself to the cdrom group.

As far as the /dev/cdrom link goes, it's a bit tricky to set that up
automatically, especially if the cdrom driver is a module.

The cdtool package will set up this link as part of the installation,
but that process is pretty basic and requires that you already know
which device to use.

>Should I file a bug report about this? Or is this the correct "feature not 
>bug" behavior? 

If the application you were using just failed silently rather than
reporting something like "/dev/cdrom: no such file or directory", then
you should perhaps file a bug on that package.

Note that some gui applications send such diagnostics to stderr, which
may be redirected to somewhere like ~/.xsession-errors .

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