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Re: xdm and Login.app looping

Cole Stewart <cstew@mac.com> writes:

> whenever I 'startx' or try and directly invoke xdm or Login.app I
> type in my username and password It lookes to login but loops, (it
> brings up another xdm or Login.app screen).  I think it's a problem
> in the init's, do any of you know how to fix this?

I believe xdm invokes your ~/.xsession file, if it exists.  Make sure
it's executable, and try doing "ln -s ~/.xsession ~/.xinitrc" and then
run startx, to see if your ~/.xsession script fails.

Also, your ~/.xsession script shouldn't exit until you want your X
session to end.

FWIW, the contents of my ~/.xsession is:

,----[ ~/.xsession ]
| #!/bin/sh
| xmodmap ~/.xmodmap-space-ghost || true
| exec gnome-session

This question is more appropriate for -user, by the way.

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