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Re: reading linux from MacOs

En réponse à Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net>:
> the desktops aren't even that bad really.  considering the cheap intel
> stuff is garbage.  you have to pay close to the same as you would for
> a decent mac for an x86 that will actually be reliable.  another
> consideration that may be relevant, those fancy 600Mhz/1Ghz Athlons
> everyone blubbers about, are massive power hungry heat producing sons
> of bitches.  you pretty well HAVE to have no less then a 350 watt
> power supply for them to be reliable, else you get some obscure
> instability (i have seen this firsthand). 

I really dont agree, i've writting 2 long emails to argue with twice this piece
of crap of netscape crashed, and i lost my emails...

anyway, i'm really happy with the pc i bought for the /3 of the price of a low
end G4 with 256RAM, 40HD, Duron900, Kyro2 64MB

plus my duron900 works fine at 1000MHz, with the 250W pow sup 

and i did buy M$ keyboard and mouse, 10/100eth, etc. etc.

Pejvan ^_^

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