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Re: reading linux from MacOs

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:00:57PM +0200, pejvan@free.fr wrote:
> well, IMHO, and i'd like to apologize in advance if i hurt your feelings people,
> but I dont think that linux is the best for everything everything, and I really
> like to work with macOS too.

GNU does everything i need it to do.  i haven't felt the need to boot
MacOS in a looooooooong time, in fact ive never felt the need to boot
since i deleted it, and even before that.  

> anyway, a mac is just way to expensive if it's just to use linux on it, but
> again that's my HO...

a PowerPC is just too nice a hardware to bog down with such a broken
and crippled OS ;-)

Ethan Benson

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