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Install on 466 MHz G4?

Hello all,

I have been struggling to install debian-powerpc on my new 466 MHz
Macintosh PowerPC G4. (I am using the same approach I used at work to
successfully configure a 2x450 MHz G4 to triple boot Debian, MacOS and
MacOS X.) Here are the steps I have taken which I gleaned from the
Debian install guide, Eric Benson's mac-fdisk-basics.txt, and Eric
Deveaud's comp.os.linux.powerpc:42534 post.

1) Boot MacOS install CD and partition /dev/hda into four HFS+
paritions with sizes 107653M, 3200M, 10240M, and everything else.

2) Install MacOS 9.1 on the 3200M partition.

3) Attempted install of MacOS X using UFS on the 10240M partition.
(This hangs forever, or at least 12 hours, until I reboot. I am giving
up for now. Installing on a HFS+ partition works fine, but I
anticipate a fight between MacOS and MacOS X about who has the blessed
folder so I want to install on UFS so MacOS can't see it.)

4) Boot Debian install CD and use mac-fdisk to subdivide the 107653M

  a) Delete the partition.
  b) "C"reate an 800K partition with type "Apple_Bootstrap" and name
  c) "c"reate an 512M partition with name "swap".
  d) "c"reate an 10240M partition with name "/".

  At this point, the lower part of the partition table looks like this:

    /dev/hda9   Apple_Bootstrap  bootstrap    800K
    /dev/hda10  Apple_UNIX_SVR2  swap         512M
    /dev/hda11  Apple_UNIX_SVR2  /          10240M
    /dev/hda12  Apple_HFS+       MacOS       3200M
    /dev/hda13  Apple_HFS+       MacOS_X    10240M
    /dev/hda14  Apple_HFS+       rest       <rest>

  e) Write the table to disk. (The kernel panics so I pushed the reboot
     button on the front.)

5) Upon reboot, I checked the table which appears OK so I proceed to
install Debian.

6) When prompted to set up booting from the hard disk, I escape to a
shell and install yaboot:

  mkofboot --boot /dev/hda9 -m /usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot --root \
    /dev/hda11 --partition 11

7) Finally I reboot expecting to finish the Debian install. Instead
MacOS boots.

8) I attempted the graphical OpenFirmware boot (holding down the
option key while booting) but the Linux partition isn't an option.

9) I boot into OpenFirmware (cmd-opt-O-F) (portions of the exchange

  Apple PowerMac 3,4 4.1.8f5 Boot ROM built on 03/21/01 at 11:49:53
  0> boot hd:9,yaboot
  Welcome to yaboot version 0.9
  Config file read, 158 bytes
  Loading kernel...
  Image not found.... try again
  Warning ! default close called !

At this point I have no idea what to type! Would someone please
enlighten me on what I should do? Does anyone know why installing on
my 466 MHz G4 should be so different from the 2x450 MHz G4 at work?


Mark K. Gardner
RADIANT Team, Advanced Computing (CCS-1)
Computer and Computational Sciences Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1663, M.S. D451
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Email: mkg@lanl.gov
WWW:   http://public.lanl.gov/mkg/
Phone: 1-505-665-4953

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