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Re: XFree4 on Pismo - kernel 2.4

On Saturday 14 April 2001 04:35, Steven Hanley wrote:
> Hmm, I have both modem and sound working perfectly on my pismo under a
> recentish benh kernel
> For the modem you need the macserial module (or compiled in which will give
> you a device for the modem and one for the ir port) once htis is loaded you
> can use the modem on ttyS0 or whatever.
> There is the thing ben mentioned about needing to wait a bit for it to
> power up or some such, I needed to put the init string ATX1 in all my
> programs that needed to dial with the modem.

I now do have the modem working as well. See my reply to Peter Cordes' 

> As for sound, you just want the sound enabvled with the AWACS (mac sound)
> driver enabled. I have it compiled in not as a module (I dont know if it
> works as a module or not) and have no problems with sound, I can play any
> sort of sound with no skips or problems at any time.

Okay, the KDE sound server aRts produced real bad noise (like radio static 
but even worse). Then I changed the sampling rate to 8 bit and it worked with 
the effect that mp3s out of the KDE media player sometimes click and pop. 
mpg123 seems to play mp3s fine.

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