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Installing on oldworld powerbook

I'm trying to get 2.2r2 installed on a PowerBook 3400c.  I wiped the
disk & installed a minimal install of MacOS 8.1, leaving the rest of the
disk unpartitioned for linux.  I've read many, many snippets of
information on installing, but no detailed instructions.  And they all
assume you know MacOS.  The best I can tell, I'm supposed to drop
something in Finder (???) and "set it up to boot from CD".  Now I can't
find the page, and I don't know what the finder is.  I was happy to be
able to do the install, it only took 2 tries :)  I can do a little bit
in MacOS, basically browse the HD & CD, but I'm looking for a page that
has a little bit more info.  Any links?

Joseph Red

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