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Re: Installing on oldworld powerbook


If (unlike my pb3400c) you have a floppy drive, dd them on your PC or something
and boot from that...

Otherwise, you can get BootX, install it somewhere (it can be anywhere), copy
the kernel to a folder in your System Folder that you will create called
Linux Kernels.
Copy (From the CD) the ramdisk.image.gz file to the BootX folder, and finally
copy (or move) the BootX extension (its filename will have like a centered dot
before "BootX") to the System Folder:Extensions  folder.

Then you can reboot, bootx should appear allowing you to select a kernel and a
ramdisk, and choose between booting Linux or MacOS.

Hopefully the default debian kernel will work... On my machine I had to use
a LinuxPPC one...


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