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Re: Installing on oldworld powerbook


> I'm trying to get 2.2r2 installed on a PowerBook 3400c.  I wiped the
> disk & installed a minimal install of MacOS 8.1, leaving the rest of the
> disk unpartitioned for linux.  I've read many, many snippets of
> information on installing, but no detailed instructions.  And they all
> assume you know MacOS.  The best I can tell, I'm supposed to drop
> something in Finder (???) and "set it up to boot from CD".  Now I can't
> find the page, and I don't know what the finder is.  I was happy to be
> able to do the install, it only took 2 tries :)  I can do a little bit
> in MacOS, basically browse the HD & CD, but I'm looking for a page that
> has a little bit more info.  Any links?

heheh, I had pretty much same trouble when trying
to first install linux on a mac, coming from an intel only
world... :)

for me, it was easiest to use the floppy disks (as described
in the manual), since I hadn't to mess around with boot flags
and whatever.

And: You can create the floppy disks also from an intel
system (simply "dd if=<floppy-image> of=/dev/fd0").


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