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Re: potato on PB G3

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 08:53:19PM -0500, Vinai wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Ethan Benson wrote:
> } if you want macos, then you do need to first partition with the macos
> } partitioner but you must create the placeholder partition for linux at
> } the BEGINNING of the disk *NOT* the end.
> }
> } otherwise you can't put the bootstrap partition first and i get
> } craploads of mail about how to fiddle with OF.  always always put the
> } bootstrap partition BEFORE any macos partitions, 
> Actually, you _CAN_.  Your utility seems to work better than you give it
> credit for.  My partition table looks like:

you can, but you should NOT.  

ybin will set the boot-device variable, but if OF ever gets reset you
get booted into MacOS and the only way to recover is booting manually
from OF.  which i am sick of explaining. 

if you put the bootstrap partition FIRST where it belongs then it will
be booted when OF gets reset to its default values.  

> As you can see, I have the bootstrap partition after all my MacOS stuff
> and it works perfectly, as I am writing this on that very machine under
> Potato, running my own 2.2.18 kernel.  This is on a Lombard PB. I don't
> think you will be getting "craploads of e-mail" about this ...

i already DO.  

please follow my instructions and put the bootstrap partition first if
you want to save hassle.  if you know what your doing and won't bother
me with rtfm question then do it however the hell you want. 

Ethan Benson

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