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Re: new installation

Andrew Sharp wrote:

> Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> >
> > OF works quite well on my StarMax.  That's why I'm thinking it will work on Bruno's
> > 4400, since the StarMax is a 4400 clone.
> Not a wise inference, since Apple is involved.

I stand corrected. :-)  Then again, with the same Tanzania mobo and ROMs, how could this
not be the case?

> I'm glad OF works on
> your StarMax.  I guess that I can now admit that I worked for
> Starmax back when it was called Powerhouse, then FirePower, and then
> Motorola bought them, and they became StarMax.  I am thinking of the
> right company, aren't I?

Sounds like it, but I don't know the history at all.  I got it new for $500 three years
ago from a fly-by-night discounter after Apple pulled the clone licenses.  This was back
when the cheapest PCs you could get ran around $800, so it was a great deal, and my wife
had been raised on Macs and used them at the office.  A solid box, it has served us very

> > Meanwhile, my wife laughs at how
> > I have to type "boot" three times: once to get the zip to spin up, again gives the
> > kernel panic, the third time works. :-)
> Ew.

Indeed. :-)

> > > An
> > > extra ide disk isn't too expensive if you get an old one.  You don't
> > > have to make it a slave, instead you can make the CDROM a slave,
> > > no?
> >
> > Right, then you can't access the CDROM from MacOS.  Something has to give.
> You mean from OF?  Or are you saying that MockOS can't see slave
> drives even after booting up?

That's right.

> How does BootX see them?

BootX boots a Linux kernel from the Mac side, and gives it the kernel argument
"root=/dev/hdb6" (in my case), then the Linux kernel starts up and sees the drives on its


-Adam P.

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